Do you break it into two or more pieces before cooking, or do you cook it whole?


  1. Sharon

    Break it in half usually…easier for the kids to eat that way, I think.

  2. Wayne

    I cook it whole. I like to twirl it with my fork.
    Do you dump a cup of cold water into your Spaghetti when it’s done to the point you want it?
    Doing so stops the cooking process, Thus you will not have soggy Spaghetti because it cooked more in the strainer.

  3. Tenar Darell

    I think I read this in Heat, by Bill Buford, but I could have seen it on TV. Anyway I’ve tried it, and it REALLY makes better spaghetti, especially if you add your sauce to the pasta in the pan.

    1. Always stop cooking the pasta 1 minute before the earliest time on the package to get it al dente.
    2. Never throw all the pasta cooking water down the drain. Save a couple cups for later to help when reheating, or to loosen up sticky pasta, etc.

  4. Josh

    I break it in half, because I don’t have a pot wide or tall enough to put it in whole.


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