The Great British Baking Show

I saw The Great British Baking Show on Netflix (later I noticed it was also on Amazon Prime, which might have saved me having the audio and video getting unsynchronized so badly) and couldn’t resist checking it out. Unusually for me

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, I watched all ten episodes within a few days. By comparison, I have yet to finish the second set of Chopped episodes. It was called The Great British Bake Off originally. Apparently, they thought American audience couldn’t handle Philosopher’s Stone Bake Off and needed it to be Sorceror’s Stone Baking Show instead. And it’s oh so British.

The contestants were great. I especially loved Martha, Chetna and Richard. Under its British name, that was season 5, while it was the first season shown under the American name.

Early on

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, I noticed the worshipful way contestants mentioned Mary Berry. “Who?” I looked her up, since I had never heard of her. Or Paul Hollywood, for that matter.

Highly recommended, if you haven’t watched it. It made me want to bake, and I learned some things.

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  1. 'cindy

    Love this show. I am looking forward to the new season. Hope they do another Holiday baking show this year.


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