Monthly Archive: October 2007

Chicken Dumplings Gang

I made an amazing chicken stew concoction based around the fairly meaty leftover carcass of a roast chicken. Part of the impetus was a confluence of remembering when my mother made us chicken and dumplings when I was a kid

, looking for something different, and noting the dumpling recipe on the Bisquick box. Basically it was an excuse to try dumplings for the first time in decades and at the same time make efficient use of my 59 cent a pound roaster.

Essentially it was like making chicken soup, but I used potatoes and barley as I would in beef stew, not rice or noodles. I hope I can recreate it someday, because it was almost perfect.

The point of the post is to ask if anyone has thoughts on making dumplings without Bisquick, on optimally cooking them, and on storing them if any remain. We ate the majority of the stew and all nine dumplings. Well, two of us did. Sadie wouldn’t even taste hers, and Val only ate some because I spooned some into her and reminded her how much she’d loved the pre-meal tastes. We had an early supper so I can go do some stuff and everyone can just snack later.

I wasn’t sure if I should simply leave them in with the stew when I refrigerated it, or instead pull them out and store them apart.

Potato Storage

Short of having a root cellar, what is the best way to store potatoes so they keep optimally? We also don’t have a cellar to use for the purpose, as I have known people to do when buying in bulk, like 50 lb bags.

I know they don’t need to be refrigerated, and it sometimes has struck me that doing so keeps them less well.

We were keeping them in a cabinet for a while, but after an unfortunate liquefaction incident with a squash, we haven’t returned to using the cabinet for such things. So almost ten pounds of potatoes sit on the counter. Which doesn’t strike me as the end of the world, except for a while they were adjacent to the stove, which can’t possibly be good. As always, using them fast enough eliminates all problems.