Thanksgiving Dinner Time

When do you eat Thanksgiving dinner?

Traditionally in my family it has been a mid-day meal

, as early as noon to as late as 2:00 or so, but essentially lunch. In Deb’s family it was always a late day meal, when supper would be, allowing time for the turkey to cook without getting up early.

I forgot between last and this year that we went with her timing, so I was all focused on having things ready by early afternoon, even planning to get up early, as I did do for one holiday involving turkey; perhaps that was Christmas. Or perhaps that was a day when I made a turkey for company.

It does make sense, though it also feels weird. Thus we’ve eaten leftover spaghetti for lunch today, and the turkey is still in the oven, probably about ready for attention again.

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  1. Sharon

    Normally, we do a 2ish start time for dinner…this year was later because we had to wait for Suz to get Jack, so it wasn’t until closer to 4. I liked the later start time myself…it just seemed more relaxed and enjoyable.

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