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You Are a Part-time Foodie

Food is definitely something you get excited about. You love to eat!
And while each meal you have may not be extremely special , you try to spice things up a bit.

You aren’t a very picky eater, and you’re always looking to expand what you like.
You are willing to give almost anything a go, and you’re quite the creative cook.

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  1. Chris

    Stumbled across your site. Some good info, even though you haven’t posted in a while. I am also allergic to eggs and milk, but a bit older than Henry. Re the growing out of the allergy, possible; but more likely that it will morph. I had dairy allergies as a child, but no one recognized the symptoms. They became apparent as an adult. Now 52 and still have them. My mother’s disappeared as she hit her 80’s. Something you might not know is milk allergies come in two varieties, think curds and whey. It has to do with the proteins. Mine tends toward the solid (curds) part of milk. It seems I don’t have an issue with casein, the protein in the liquid portion. Foods that have casein don’t seem to bother me. Cheeses (there’s your curds again) tend to be the worst offenders. The egg allergy is more concerning. If it morphs, it may become more serious. Could lead to an allergy to chicken. Could become more closely related to anaphylactic; mine has. I’m very careful about eggs.
    Now here’s the good news: Henry is almost automatically on a low fat diet. 9 of the top 10 high fat content foods are dairy products and eggs. The only one left is red meat.

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