Mmm… Butter

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Your celebrity chef match is Julia Child

Butter, anyone? She may look down upon anyone who sacrifices fat for diet, but Julia Child is the grand dame of French cooking — for butter or for worse. Like Julia, you tend to enjoy the rewards of classic cooking and traditional life.

Maybe you don’t whip up lobster thermidor on a nightly basis, but when you do ramp up for a special meal — entertaining friends, for example — you tend to pull out all the stops. Experience has proven that “from scratch” does tend to make a difference, so if time allows, we’d guess you like to spoil your guests with everything from fresh fish to homemade pie. That’s not to say you’re not up for some shortcuts in the kitchen. It’s just that when it comes down to it, you like to do things right, and don’t mind taking the time to make sure that happens.

Who’s Your Celebrity Chef Match?
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  1. triticale

    We were talking just last night about how much better it is to have a true alfredo, made with whipping cream and butter, a couple of times a year rather than skim milk fred sauce on a regular basis.

    As for that match quiz, there were as always questions with no valid answer. I buy paper towels based on absorbancy and price without even considering the decorations printed on them. After working my way thru as best I could, I abandoned the page when they wanted my ZIP code.


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