Hot Dogs

I am ashamed to say that I recently bought a package of hot dogs for 68ยข at Wal-Mart. Brand? I forget

, but nothing you ever heard of.

The kids devoured them, I liked them okay, and we actually finished the package, which sadly, considering the absurd price of (most) hot dogs, often doesn’t happen Amazing.

My normal hot dog of choice is Kahn’s, a preference I picked up from my older brother many years ago.

The one brand I know I dislike specifically is Oscar Meyer, catchy old jingle notwithstanding.

How about you? Any brand preference? Or price preference, as the case may be.


  1. rob sama

    I only buy ones made from natural casings.

  2. Tenar Darell

    Hebrew National all beef. Something about that particular combination of spices captivates my taste buds. Two more things: I prefer grilled over boiled or steamed and Gulden’s spicy brown mustard.

  3. Kate

    We also prefer Hebrew Nationals – they have a great snap to them and they taste awesome on the grill.

  4. Bev

    KAHN’S, the weiner the world awaited!

  5. Doug

    Kahn’s are very good IMHO – when what you want is a non-garlicky, non-smokey dog.

    The koshers like Hebrew National and Nathan’s are garlicky and fatty (the fat is part of what makes ’em so tasty, and why mustard’s so good on ’em, to “cut” the fat) – also great in their own way – but if you think the “all beef” thing is doing you a health favor, think again. If you doubt me about the fat in a kosher dog, pierce one with a fork several times and microwave it for about 30 seconds.

    The Oscar Meyers are *smokey* – a great choice if you’re making “beans and weiners”.

    For a great casing dog, if you’re anywhere near Pittsburgh, PA, keep an eye out for Silver Star brand. The meat inside the casing is similar to Kahn’s, I think – non-garlicky, non-smokey. They’re best cooked slowly on a griddle just about till the casing breaks.


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