Rachel Lucas, Cole Slaw, Ketchup and More!

So Rachel Lucas is back to blogging, which actually does relate to food somewhat, in that I once e-mailed her and got her deviled egg recipe. I just e-mailed her, replying to the original e-mail, no less, suggesting she post it.

Which is exactly what she did with her coleslaw recipe. I have never made coleslaw, but I do enjoy eating the stuff, which has many variants. Seems like a good place to start.

The best coleslaw I ever had was probably what my brother-in-law’s late father used to make in mass quantities for gatherings. That was a variant containing pineapple, which I’m sure some would consider heresy. He learned to make it in the service, where he cooked for a crowd regularly. Hey, “enough to feed an army” is a hyperbolic expression based in fact.

What about you? Pineapple or not? Carrots? What’s amazing is how the flavor varies from restaurant to restaurant, considering it’s essentially shredded cabbage and dressing, so we’ve probably all found restaurants that excel and others that most decidedly do not.

Finally, on a subject related only by food, Rachel Lucas, and a question of preferences, I am please, proud, and downright tickled to note that she prefers Heinz and Jif when it comes to ketchup and peanut butter. The posts about those preferences have been many over the years, including more than once by me, but people always come back for more. Undoubtedly at some point when I can think of nothing better, I will resort to a “favorite condiments” post here. Until then, feel free to carry on in the comments about ketchup and peanut butter, as well as deviled eggs, coleslaw recipes and restaurant versions of same.


  1. john of sparta

    my two cents: if it tastes better, it wins. simple married guy equation.
    my story: next month, we have our 25th wedding anniversary. i will
    cook breakfast like i always do. (i cook in the morning, she Cooks @ Night)
    taste is all that matters….the diet-of-the-week is defeated. please…..
    and i emphasize this…PLEASE use real butter, real sugar, etc. NEVER
    use Pam or any other spray on grease. NEVER use the microwave.
    NEVER use a gas grill. (unless you are cooking for your neighbor’s dog)
    it’s so simple. there are only 3 cooking implements invented since 1909 that are superior: blenders, timers, and teflon. there are NO new ingredients.

  2. jay

    Indeed. Taste matters more than snobbery, and real butter rules. I use an impressive amount of it.

    I use the microwave for thawing, mostly. It does have its place.

    I don’t mind gas grills, though with an apartment, I lack one.

  3. Tenar Darell

    I would add a mayonnaise to the list of Heinz and Jif. Hellman’s Only please. I’ll tolerate the other brands, but mayo should really NOT be tangy so Hellman’s is all I use at home.


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