Fish Tacos

This is about food, but not about cooking, since I had it at a restaurant.

I tried fish tacos at the 99 Restaurant yesterday, expecting them to be edible but not much more, ordering to satisfy my curiosity, because I had to make a decision and it’s tough with a 17 month old menu assistant, and because they were at a reasonable price.

Wow! They were fantastic. Who knew?

It also turned out that the aforementioned toddler liked bites of the fish better than the fries

, cheese sticks and chicken fingers on the plate she was sharing with her sister.

Anyway, the combination of the guacamole, fresh salsa ingredients like tomato and onion, fresh cilantro, and sour cream went wonderfully with the fried fish, which itself was pretty tasty. Not something I’d probably ever try to make at home, but I’d order it again. And guacamole… perhaps we should try making that at home sometime? It’d be an interesting addition to burritos.

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