Hell’s Kitchen 2007, Episode 10 – Not the Finale

Well then. I haven’t posted since last week’s Hell’s Kitchen post. How lame is that?

Last year, the finale was two hours, one night, but shown as two episodes, with the first hour barely worth watching. This year it seemed the finale would be but an hour, which done right isn’t sufficient.

Nope. It’s spread between two weeks. This was better than last year’s pre-finale recap episode, and it took them through the challenge and through selecting their teams.

They each get to design a restaurant in half of Hell’s Kitchen, and couldn’t be more different in opinions. Bonnie is impressive in her certainty.

That carries through to menu planning. Bonnie had a whole list ready to go and sounded sure of herself. Rock was at a complete lost what to put on the menu apart from his odd yet intriguing signature dish of crabcake and fried chicken.

They are interrupted for a trip to Vegas, where they do the challenge to determine who goes first when choosing sides for basketball. Er… when choosing their teams for the finale service.

Bonnie makes a yummy-sounding seafood pasta dish. Rock makes an intriguing if oddly plain sounding crabcake and fried chicken dish. Prominent chefs, celebrities and past winners sample each, leaving them tied. Their prospective future management from the resort where they will be indentured if they win holds the tie breaking vote and, by an apparent close call, goes for Bonnie.

Would Rock have changed anything by calling Jen first over Brad? Anyway, the teams split between the sexes, with Bonnie having easily the better team. This is one of the ways in which the competition will be unexpectedly close. He’ll win, but Bonnie is a genuine challenge.

They brought back the last six eliminated, rather than including any of the early eliminations to torment the finalists with those who were especially bad. Julia is a wildcard. She’s inexplicably emotional over not being one of the finalists herself, not realizing that she was cast as this season’s Elsie, with making the finals being improbable. She’s also rooting for Rock. She’s professional enough to chill and get down to business, and Rock would probably have been smarter to snag her as his second choice rather than Vinnie.

That’s basically where they left it. They didn’t even show any kitchen construction crisis yet.

It’s cool, we have another week to watch. It’s bad, we anticipated but didn’t get a finale.


  1. beth

    I guess I’m glad I didn’t stay up to watch it semi-live last night then…though I’m a tad worried, you don’t think they’re setting us up for a Bonnie win with their choices of what airs, do you? I’m going to lose considerable faith in this show if Bonnie wins.

  2. zeinab

    that is stupid they said that this week will be the finale what a lie??????


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