Potato Storage

Short of having a root cellar, what is the best way to store potatoes so they keep optimally? We also don’t have a cellar to use for the purpose, as I have known people to do when buying in bulk, like 50 lb bags.

I know they don’t need to be refrigerated, and it sometimes has struck me that doing so keeps them less well.

We were keeping them in a cabinet for a while, but after an unfortunate liquefaction incident with a squash, we haven’t returned to using the cabinet for such things. So almost ten pounds of potatoes sit on the counter. Which doesn’t strike me as the end of the world, except for a while they were adjacent to the stove, which can’t possibly be good. As always, using them fast enough eliminates all problems.



  1. Sharon

    I’ve always just thrown them in the vegetable keeper in the fridge. I have no specific reason for this really, it’s just what I have always done.

  2. Kathy

    We keep them near the door(which we never use) in the laundry/entrance to house. Its seems to be cooler there. Can you leave them in the hall outside your door? Is it cool there?

  3. jen

    Late to the party, as always!

    Potatoes should never be stored in the frig – it makes the sugars in them break down and they will get mushy. They need air, too, that’s why the bags they come in usually have holes.

    I want to find one of these, but my mother has a wooden bin with a wire mesh covered hole in the side and a lid. It’s kind of like a miniature trunk. I’ve searched all over, but can’t find one. I may see if Beau can make one for us.


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