Recipe Stoppers

Just a quick link without as much comment as I would like for Recipe Deal Breakers: When Step 2 Is ‘Corral Pig’.

It doesn’t take a huge amount for me to stop cold, but I’m the master of substituting or taking a recipe merely as suggestion, or inspiration for something perhaps only marginally related. Substitution should not be an epiphany.

Still, it’s usually a matter of ingredients, especially since usually the stuff I’d have to run out and buy will be expensive and never used in anything else before the remainder expires. Sometimes it’s tools or techniques. I can’t afford to buy new implements. I am not familiar with all too many techniques. It’s not that long ago I thought making a roux was some mysterious thing you had to go to cooking school to know about, when it’s really something elementary with a fancy name. One reason I couldn’t see myself on Hell’s Kitchen is I don’t know some of what even the most edited to look hopeless contestants do. I’d be a cross between Elsie and the traditional older heavy guy who leaves quickly. For all most of them probably know far more, I’m shocked at some of the things like taste challenges, in a “how are you a chef if you can’t taste or smell” sort of way. But I digress wildly.

How about you? What stops you cold when you see a recipe that you otherwise might try making?

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