I have a ton of squash from my brother’s garden, about half each of crookneck summer squash and zucchini.

Anyone have recipe ideas?

Normally I would cook the summer squash traditionally, by boiling or steaming, then serving with butter and pepper.

My preferred way of cooking zucchini would be to slice and fry it, same as fried eggplant. I consider it rather bland, even compared to summer squash, to serve as a boiled veggie, though at least it’s food. I’ve also had it in mixed vegetables with things like carrots, broccoli and cauliflower, where if it’s bland you don’t notice so much. Hard to believe it’s so closely related to pumpkins.

I’ve had dishes in which the two squashes, or just zucchini, were cooked with tomato and maybe some seasonings. Some of those have been marginal, others have been excellent.

I can picture adding, say, some dried dill to the water for cooking zucchini, adding some zing.

Any other ideas?


  1. Tenar Darell

    If you’ve got tomatoes, fresh or canned, make ratatouille with both kinds of squash. It makes a great vegetarian dish with rice or potatoes or noodles on the side.

  2. sarahk

    Fry the squash (dredged in cornmeal or flour or not) with salt and pepper.

    Make zucchini bread.

  3. Sharon

    Do you guys have a grill? During the summer, I throw it in a foil pan with olive oil, add some seasonings (usually garlic, salt and pepper) and cook it on the grill. It’s yummy!

  4. Sharon

    of course, you would probably get the same effect in the stove, I suppose. The grill is just so…summer.

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